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Communication With Driver Feedback Signs

March 10, 2020

One of the most effective ways to calm traffic is to use modern digital solutions, such as driver feedback signs. These electronic signs can be programmed to display various messages to drivers. It’s useful technology for keeping drivers alert and roads safe.

Why Driver Feedback Signs Are Spreading

Driver feedback signs have been appearing on roads and highways in the United States since the early 2000s. They were introduced by 3M as a solution for calming dangerous traffic areas. Based on radar technology, driver feedback signs are capable of monitoring traffic speeds and displaying driver speeds on LED screens. These signs are flexible, as any message can be programmed for display and scheduled at specific times.

TraffiCalm is a leading developer of driver feedback signs, providing a wide range of traffic control devices for multiple states. The company has worked with several state, county, and city government organizations for solutions on reducing dangerous driving habits. The technology pioneered by TraffiCalm merges radar with solar and internet, producing an eco-friendly and economically viable solution.

Curve Warning Systems

Another safety device made by TraffiCalm is its SignAlert Curve Warning System, which consists of a series of warning signs. The blinking signs are placed at several points in and ahead of a curve. The signs are activated by a radar that measures the speed of approaching vehicles. These devices are effective at reducing traffic speed by as much as 8mph.

Wireless Connection

One of the ways that technology is leading traffic control officials to greater productivity is with wireless connectivity among sensors and the internet. This network allows for monitoring all traffic devices that are connected, which can lead to a wealth of data. You can learn, for example, about time periods for the fastest speeds and when traffic is quiet. The expanison of data gives analysts more to work with, enhancing decision-making.

Real-time data is growing in demand, since it can help accelerate decision-making. Having the ability to access a wide range of historical and current data from a mobile device empowers company leaders in numerous ways. Knowing which times of day create the most traffic problems is a step toward planning for safer conditions.

Tool for Traffic Control

A common reason for using driver feedback signs is to slow down traffic in a certain area. The sign reminds drivers of what their speed is in relation to the speed limit. Since many places in America have expensive fines for speeding, most drivers realize they need to slow down once they know they’re being monitored. Sometimes these signs post the amount of the fine, which is typically hundreds of dollars in California.

Part of the TraffiCalm system includes cameras, which are also connected to your private wireless network. The cameras reinforce the authoritative perception of the electronic sign. Similar traffic calming systems have been designed by TraffiCalm, such as wrong way signs or road work ahead signs.


Signs can be very powerful when they interact with drivers and communicate in real-time. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California and Washington location to learn more about electronic feedback signs. We can also answer any questions you have about other forms of traffic control.

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