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Common Highway Signs and Why They are Important

December 19, 2016

Highway signs serve a number of purposes. One purpose they serve is to alert drivers to the speed limit for a particular roadway. They also help bring attention to detours, construction work, and hazards, such as sharp turns and steep hills. These are just a few of the many ways that highway signs reduce chaos on roads and highways.

Common Examples of Roadway Signs:

  • Marker Signs– These signs include route markers, junction signs, cardinal direction auxiliary signs, alternative route signs, advance turn auxiliaries, as well as directional arrow auxiliaries
  • Regulatory Signs- These signs include stop signs, yield signs, turn and lane use signs, selective exclusion signs, parking regulation signs, traffic signal signs (such as “No Turn on Red”), road closed signs, weigh station and truck route signage, as well as railroad crossing signs
  • Warning Signs- These signs include turn and curve warnings, intersection signs, advance traffic control signs, merge and lane transition warnings, narrowed road signs, divided highway warnings, hill warnings, low clearance signs, pedestrian crossings, speed advisory signs, speed bump notices, as well as construction related signage

Why are Highway Signs Important?

Highway signs are important because they help maintain safe driving conditions. Without these signs, no one would know how fast to drive, what direction to drive down a road, whether or not the roads being driven on have an upcoming hazard, or whether they are approaching a merge. It would be pure chaos. Highway signs help reduce the rate of car accidents, help ensure the safety of pedestrians, and help drivers know how to communicate with other drivers in a non-verbal way that keeps us all safe.

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