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Best Deals Ever, Danger Zone, or a Reduce Speed Sign: Effective Sign Design Gets Noticed

July 6, 2017

A construction foreman posts a reduce speed sign. By displaying the information on this sign he keep workers and passing motorists safe. Signs are a tool with a purpose in many areas of life. The use of signs began ages ago. Then, like now, their function was about sharing information.

Many people today take the use of signs for granted. However, signs must get noticed do their job. Every day during the school year your children head off to school. At the same time, workers are traveling to their jobs.

As a parent, you want those drivers aware of your kids. City officials place a reduced speed sign in locations around schools to alert drivers of the children’s presence. If that reduced speed sign goes unseen, problems may arise.

The Characteristics of an Effective Safety Sign

The one characteristic all signs have in common is that they must be seen to do their job. The question is, how do you ensure that happens?

• Locate the sign in a place close to the danger. Putting a sign about a construction zone miles away from that zone is useless. But, warning signs along the way will keep people alert to the changes and hazards ahead.

• The sign must be highly visible. You need bright yellow, fluorescent orange or a sign fringed with blinking lights. You want a safety sign that stands out.

• Keep the message simple. You don’t want to overload readers with too much information. Especially when they are driving. The danger could be upon them before they finish reading.

• In addition to a simple message, you must consider the environment where the sign is posted. It must be readable in all types of weather, all levels of light, and regardless of the limitations caused by something external, such as a protective face shield.

The Characteristics of an Effective Business Sign

Although businesses use safety signs the focus is on what companies need to help them communicate with customers, employees, and suppliers.

Most businesses start by prominently displaying the company name and logo on the front of their location. If business signs go unseen, they don’t work. The question once again is how do you ensure people see these signs?

• Consider size, height, color, brightness, and graphics. The sign must be bold. The text should be easily read. Locate the sign at eye level in a high traffic area close to your business.

• Unlike the warning of a reduced speed sign that deals with safety, your business message is meant to draw people to you. Provide some value, such as contact information, promotions, or events. However, keep it short. You don’t want to lose potential customers by making them read a manifesto.

• Consistency is important. Try to match your marketing signage to your business card design. Match as much as possible, and customers learn to recognize your style.

If you need help determining what would work best, contact Zumar Industries. They’ve been helping people since 1947 and have the experience and knowledge to help you find a solution. They carry a large variety of signs and accessories and can manufacture custom orders. Visit their website, send them an email, or call at one of their 3 locations.

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