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Attracting New Customers with Permanent Retail Signs

March 13, 2018

Road signs are important tools to help drivers find their destinations. If you own a retail business near a highway exit it is highly advantageous to place a permanent retail sign within view. Sometimes all you need to gain sufficient exposure is your own on-premise retail sign. You can also install retail signs in various other places, to give your establishment increased visibility. Here are important considerations for posting permanent retail signs.

Compliance with State and Local Regulations

The type of outdoor signage opportunities available in your area depends on state and local regulations. Putting up your own sign often involves getting a permit first. States with a lot of tourism generally add more signs near highways for establishments that will appeal to travelers.

CalTrans allows California businesses to post signs on freeways if they provide gas, food, lodging, medical, and other services that relate to travelers. However, there are restrictions on placing signs in urban areas with populations of 5,000 or more. Additionally, the state develops rules for approved attractions such as theme parks, stadiums, and museums.

Designing Your Signage

Customized signs allow you to control how your message is presented, whether you decide to use your logo, images or positioning statements. The more specific your message is, the more powerful and effective it will be at communicating with drivers and pedestrians. The person reading the sign should have an idea of what your business is about and where it’s located.

It’s important to keep the message simple. This means using limited text to explain what you offer. Remember that drivers are only getting glimpses of their surroundings that change every few minutes or seconds. Even drivers in vehicles moving at slow speeds need to pay more attention to the road instead of being distracted by signs. So the sign needs to convey its message instantly without much analysis. You can’t afford to make it look busy or the message will get lost.

An effective way to plan a sign or slogan is to brainstorm with your staff and write down all the words and phrases that describe your business model and customer values. Then select the words that can be used in a brief headline to make your statement. A well established brand logo can attract customers without a slogan or other descriptive text.

The size of the sign will affect its visibility and how well it is perceived. That’s why you have to make every word count. Using a call-to-action statement is helpful in getting people’s attention and influencing them to consider visiting your establishment.

Building Brands with Signs

Outdoor advertising can be very effective at exposing a new brand to its target market. However, billboards can be fairly expensive, especially if they can be seen clearly from a distance. Permanent retail signs are a more affordable alternative in certain areas, particularly for a small business. For example, in Arizona, if a sign is placed on your property, you do not need a state outdoor advertising permit, as it also does not need to meet the requirements for size, location and spacing.

In order for a sign to have a strong impact it must have an eye-catching appearance and connect with consumers who are already interested in what you offer. Keep in mind that people are bombarded with thousands of brand messages and logos every day, so it helps to come up with a creative idea to make your sign stand out from the rest. It’s advantageous to work with a company that has experience. Contact Zumar for a Free Quote.

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