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Attracting Attention with Event Signs

October 23, 2018

If your business regularly conducts special events that attract audiences, customized event signs can make a big difference in keeping your event running smoothly. While normal parameters apply to design, such as visibility and clear message, signs that promote events have more flexibility for creativity and customization than other types of signs.

What Makes Event Signs Unique

Unlike safety signs, which must comply with government regulations, event signs can be produced in any size, shape, or color. If you are purchasing event signs for a regularly scheduled activity, it may be a wise investment to purchase a more generic sign, which can be used repeatedly and save your organization the cost of repurchasing signs.

One of the most popular events on a college campus is career day, in which representatives from various companies run booths to provide information to potential job candidates. If you are running such an event and have a large number of companies, you may want to invest in specific signs for different career fields. For a smaller event, one big sign that summarizes the entire fair may be all you need. Many career fairs are based on a central theme, such as a specific company visiting campus.

Tips for Effective Event Signs

  • Keep the message simple.
  • Make the sign stand out from others in the area.
  • Place signs where traffic bottlenecks are expected.
  • Include your organization’s name on the sign.
  • Think outside the box and choose unique signs.

Managing Traffic Flow

A major reason to consider event signs is that they can make parking lot traffic flow safer and smoother. If you expect a large turnout, event signs in your parking lot can direct drivers toward appropriate parking spaces. This strategy is important if you want to protect other areas in your neighborhood from becoming crowded with traffic. Signs with arrows that point in the direction of your event ensure that visitors don’t get lost. If you aren’t charging a parking fee, an event sign with the words “free parking” will stand out and help promote the event.

Adding Creativity to Event Signs

Creativity has value in promoting events because it communicates with others on a more personalized level. Generic signs will blend in with other commercial signage, but adding creative flairs to your sign will capture viewers’ attention.

Creativity applies to both the message and design. When designing your event signs, think carefully about what unique things the event offers patrons. If it’s a festival featuring multiple vendors and activities, event signs that include phrases such as “food and drinks” and illustrative images will attract attention. If it’s an outdoor sign, consider ways to make it stand out in the surrounding landscape. Sometimes adding art to just one letter of your organization’s name can capture the imaginations of curious spectators.

An event sign can not only help promote your organization’s special activities but also keep your events running smoothly by managing foot and car traffic. For more information about events customized signs for your functions, call Zumar at their Arizona, California or Washington location.

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