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Addressing the Unknown Variable

July 14, 2017

Vehicles traveling at high speeds are notorious for causing preventable accidents. The faster the speed traveled the higher the chances that an accident will result in a fatality. This highlights the need for well-placed speed limit signs which discourage traveling at unsafe speeds. Not only does it serve to deter situations which can become uncontrollable in a short period of time, it also allows law enforcement a measuring meter to gauge if drivers are increasing or decreasing speeds in accordance with the law. Drivers are held accountable for following these limits, preventing countless accidents from occurring.

Exchanging Speed for Safety

Speed limit signs aren’t only imperative on the interstate, they also play an important role in neighborhoods and school zones. A surplus of pedestrians in concentrated areas requires that signage be posted to protect them from fast-moving vehicles. No child or adult should have to worry that a vehicle will infringe on their right to the road as long as they adhere to sidewalk and road directives.

Having established that speed limit signs are a necessity in a variety of high traffic areas, the visibility and quality of speed limit signs are just as vital. Sunlight, rain, snow and other types of natural weather elements are consistently wreaking havoc on road signs. Zumar is a company that understands there are many variables involved which can affect your personal right to live and negotiate within the bounds of safety regulation. How do they personally address the pedestrian and driver’s need to travel in a somewhat controlled environment? They do it with proven, well-thought out approaches.

The Need for Speed–Limits

Unlike speed limits, there is no limit to Zumar’s potential to create high-quality well-built signs that cater to the growing needs of a community and its busy commuters. Here are some of the components and customizable elements Zumar offers the consumer looking for durable speed limit signs every day:

  • They offer five different sizes.
  • There are numerous substrates available, such as .040 gauge aluminum and .125 gauge aluminum.
  • Reflective backgrounds are a must and they have a variety of types to choose from to cater to an area’s distinct needs. (This is a great option for places with low or high amounts of sunlight.)
  • For areas with heavy foot traffic, Zumar gives you the option to have a protective overlay to deter would-be vandals from interfering with the sign’s message.
  • There are numerous accessories and sign post options available to secure the placement and stability of the signage.
  • Zumar can install Vis-Z-Shield. It is a three-sided reflector that offers more assurance drivers and pedestrians will be alerted to the sign’s warning or message. It is very versatile and can be fitted to all styles of sign posts. Added security means less potential for life-changing detrimental accidents.

Added Insurance

Ensure your safety and the safety of others when you invest in signs that are reliable and built to withstand innumerable unpredictable scenarios. You can’t guarantee that no one will get hurt, but you can guarantee that you’ve used all the tools in your repertoire to deter accidents from happening. Begin your journey to a safer, friendlier environment today when you stop in at Zumar! They know what it means to create safe zones for people in need of a helping hand. Visit Zumar today by clicking here and discover what premium speed limit signs can mean for your peace of mind!

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