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A Traffic Safety Product Manufacturer for Your Daily Needs

May 11, 2016

Traffic management is important in keeping pedestrians and drivers safe. Over the years, Zumar, the premier traffic safety product manufacturer has produced different products that will help you feel safe on the road.

However, there has been a push for manufacturing companies and different entities to use environmentally friendly supplies. The use of recycled materials is an initiative being undertaken across the country, to ensure the environment is safeguarded. Zumar has done just that.

You will find now that we are incorporating reflective components and materials in our products such as safety curbs, speed bumps, and traffic signs. On the other hand, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated content levels of certain materials being used in traffic safety products. For example, parking stops traffic cones and barricades among many others should incorporate specified amount of recycled materials such as LDPE plastics, rubber, and PVC. This has led to the reduction of costs, and you will see the difference as you shop.

Eco-friendly traffic safety products

• Solar LED Blinker sign

Zumar is providing you with low maintenance solutions for the ever growing traffic market. Most of these systems will employ solar power, and you will enjoy wireless communication and LED technology. This will help you in simplifying installation, reducing maintenance cost and utility charges.

• Parking Lot Safety Traffic Solutions

We will design this for you using rubber from recycled truck tires. Parking blocks or rubber speed bumps are more eco-friendly, highly visible and longer lasting than your concrete or asphalt alternatives.

• Traffic Signs

There is a wide range of traffic signs, including community signs, street name signs, federal signs and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) signs among others.

As you grow increasingly conscious of the impact you have on the environment; you will see many industries recycling or using recycled products. Zumar uses different materials that are non-biodegradable and can be easily reused.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing Zumar for your traffic safety product needs by contacting us today!

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