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5 Key Reasons for Investing in Custom Street Signs

November 16, 2017

Custom street signs are an investment-worthy choice for a wide variety of businesses and other private and public institutions. They have many uses, ranging from the purely functional to the aesthetic or promotional. Safety and durability issues are also often key concerns.

Here are five of the most important reasons you should consider investing in custom street signs:

1. Custom Routing

Custom routing signs can range from entrance signs or college dorm signs to camping signs that direct you to specific camp sites. Every organization and location is unique, so there is virtually no limit to the types of route-specific customized signs someone might need.

2. Specialized Safety and Warning Signs

Specialized warning, notice, and traffic safety signs are used to stay legally compliant, while reducing the chances of a vehicle related accidents.

These can include a text or pictorial alert of the issue ahead.

3. You desire an attractive, unique, and eye-catching sign design.

When you want to present your business or institution in a memorable way to visitors, you can do this through a uniquely designed custom sign.

The shape, size, and colors can all be custom-selected. You may wish to put your organization’s name and logo on the sign or include a short slogan.

In the case of many retail businesses, an attractive, easy-to-spot and easy-to-read sign at just the right location can be crucial to bringing in more customers. But specially designed signage on-site is a boost to any organization’s public image.

4. Choose Your Substrate Material.

Choosing a certain material for your sign can also be part of customizing your sign. You may decide on aluminum or vinyl in rainy climates to avoid corrosion, solid metal for strength in windy climates, or wood in rustic settings to keep the signs in step with the “ambiance.”

Look for custom street signs with reflective sheeting that makes them far easier to spot at night. This is a great way to improve evening customer counts or to maximize the effectiveness of safety signs at night.

5. You are in Need of Custom Welding/Fabrication.

In certain situations, mounting techniques may need to be customized to a degree. There may be decorative mounting concerns and attention due to ADA/OSHA compliance, or the need to weld on bracketing attachments.

The very structural engineering of your sign may require some specialized treatment. Only a manufacturer that offers custom street signs will be able to accommodate you.

There are numerous reasons why organizations of all sorts customize their on-premises street signs. These include routing, safety issues, aesthetics, substrate selection, and special welding/fabrication needs.

If you are in need of a high-quality, custom street sign, do not hesitate to contact Zumar. Zumar has been a leader in the signs industry since 1947, and they will know how to customize your sign to meet all your needs and leave you 100% satisfied.

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