Winter Wishes in Washington

WHS_building.JPGZumar Industries is proud to serve our local communities, and for us, serving also means giving. This year, we would like to bring awareness to a unique school-based giving program called Winter Wishes at Washington High School. This program has boosted student spirits for over 10 years and gets stronger every season.

Logistics are simple. The entire program is run by a group of dedicated leadership students, while one teacher, Mr. Heath Booth, provides general oversight and manages collected funds to purchase gifts. The leadership group issues blank slips of paper to the rest of the student body to write down their holiday wish. These wishes are not restricted by anything except their imaginations, and they come in many forms—ranging from school spirit wear to bicycles to instruments. However, you will also find students wish for college application and testing fees to be paid or prom tickets purchased. Some wishes are more fundamental, such as food to last through the holiday break, winter clothing, and tutoring assistance. Once all wishes are collected, teachers embark on the great effort to solicit donations from the community and grant as many wishes as possible.

What makes this program really powerful are the students—learning the valuable lessons of giving and receiving. The leadership group takes on the monumental task of delivering all the granted wishes to their fellow students throughout a full week in December.

“Winter Wishes only works because I am lucky enough to teach an amazing group of students who are more concerned about others than they are about themselves," says Mr. Heath Booth, the teacher who has led this program for the past 13 years.

2015 marks the most successful year in Winter Wishes history—with over 560 wishes granted in total. It is our heartfelt privilege to support this valuable program for the past two years and look forward to many more. Thank you to the countless students, faculty, and staff that make this opportunity possible each holiday season.