History of the Modern Traffic Signal

22. 8. 18 Posted by admin
The traffic signal is a part of many people's daily lives, yet people rarely stop to think about its impact. Here's a brief history of how the traffic signal has directed traffic for over a century.

Differences Between Effective and Ineffective Road Signs

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Some keys to road sign effectiveness are durable material, reflective qualities during day and night, and a clear message. Zumar, a family sign company, has been in business for decades because it makes sure its signs make sense to clients and drivers.

How Traffic Control and Signs Work Together

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Road traffic control is a strategy used to protect construction zones or areas involving traffic disruption so that approaching vehicles avoid interfering with the scene. Traffic control may involve lights, flag wavers directing traffic, and cones or other markers to indicate areas that are off-limits to drivers.

When to Use No Pedestrian Crossing Signs

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Schools, hospitals and large industrial complexes can protect workers and visitors by posting signs that warn pedestrians not to cross. Here are various reasons why no pedestrian crossing signs can make your property safer.