Where and When to Install Yellow Speed Limit Signs

17. 5. 18 Posted by admin
The placement of yellow speed limit signs is important to keep traffic under control. While black and white signs indicate the official speed limit of an area, yellow speed limit signs serve a more cautionary purpose. Some signs might give additional instruction such as "slow down." Here are details about where to place yellow speed limit signs for maximum effect. 

How Traffic Signals Integrate with Other Signs

15. 5. 18 Posted by admin
Road signs and traffic signals work together to regulate the flow of traffic. In any given town or city there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of traffic lights that run all day and night. Here's a deeper look at how the combination of electronic signals, road signs and road markings protects an intersection from accidents.

What All Road Signs Have in Common

10. 5. 18 Posted by admin
Schools should be aware that all road signs need care and maintenance in order to last for many years. Whether the signs are pavement markings or erected on poles, they need to be easy to read from far away. Here are some of the characteristics that affect all road signs to help you with your maintenance planning. 

Appreciating the Beauty of Highway Signs

8. 5. 18 Posted by admin
You've no doubt been guided by highway signs to get you where you want to go. The utility aspect of signs is the prevailing perception of why they exist. But how often do people stop and think about the artistic vision that went into the final product? Here's a look at the more artistic side of highway signs, which is often overlooked by its obvious purpose as a utility.