Why You Need Reflective Pavement Markers

16. 2. 18 Posted by admin
Several types of reflective pavement markers (RPMs) exist to make streets safer and brighter, both day and night. The markers, which are often made of plastic, ceramic or various types of colored marking tape, help make it easier for drivers to see divided lanes on highways. Small rectangular reflectors with 3 inch diameters are designed to be visible at night or in harsh weather. Here are reasons why pavement markers are needed on certain roads.

How Barricades Protect Society

13. 2. 18 Posted by admin
Barricades come in various forms to protect drivers and pedestrians. They are seen on roadsides and at various establishments where crowds or traffic need to be controlled or separated. Some of these posts have signs while others communicate caution with images or designs. Here are reasons to consider using barricades for your business.

How to Decide on Custom Caution Signs

8. 2. 18 Posted by admin
Custom caution signs are easy to spot on roads and highways because they are usually yellow and diamond-shaped. The Federal Highway Administration issues a manual called Standard Highway Signs, which provides images of what various road signs should look like. Custom caution signs to fit your organization can be designed with software and should be considered for unique situations.

How OSHA Signs Reduce Workplace Injuries

6. 2. 18 Posted by admin
Despite workplace safety requirements established by OSHA, millions of workers still get injured on the job every year. Many times these injuries are a result of not paying attention to basic safety standards. Sometimes when workers become comfortable with their jobs they take safety basics for granted. Posting OSHA signs at a job site can serve as a top-of-mind reminder of the risks involved.