Importance of Erecting Road Safety Signs near School Zones

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Setting up  road safety signs near your school zone ensures that lives are not lost and that school going children are safe. Keep children, staff and school visitors safe by erecting signage around school zones. At Zumar, we manufacture all school signs. Contact us today for high quality school signs.

Why are School Speed Limits So Strict?

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Physics on a theoretical level is a field of study best left to mathematicians and other scientists with advanced degrees. From a practical viewpoint, physics plays an important role in explaining how things work in our everyday life. No better example exists than how a speeding car can cause immediate and irrevocable harm to a child struck in a school zone by a car exceeding the school speed limit. 

Understanding Different Shapes used on Safety Signs

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Does your company need custom signs? Zumar is the ultimate stop. We construct all kinds of signage needed at construction sites, schools, and other workplaces  per our clients’ instructions. Contact us today for the best custom signs made in compliance with the existing signage standards.

School Safety Signs – Just How Safe is your School?

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Schools take the safety of their staff, pupils, and visitors seriously. School safety signs serve a variety of purposes ranging from giving information (i.e., policy signs) to issuing warnings (i.e., no bullying signs).