Road Signs

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Road signs are standard indicators required by state or country laws to be erected at specific areas on roads to guide the road users.

Why You Need FHWA-Approved Traffic Signs at Your School or Business

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t not only the open highway, however, but any road open to public use (even a through road on school or commercial property) that must be equipped with traffic signs conforming to all relevant FHWA specifications.

Sign Blanks

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Apart from offering a range of designs and sizes of sign blanks that have already been built, Zumar also takes on custom orders, the company has a team of qualified professionals that will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is executed as you wish. The sign blanks leave a space where the message can be put in using adhesive printed paper. The advantage that these signs offer is that they are economical and you have the option to alter the message anytime you wish without needing to order new signs. The experience that the company has gained from being in the industry for more than half a century is a guarantee that you will get value for your money as they make high quality products.

Why Have Your New School Sign Made By Zumar?

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Zumar has acquired a reputation as a national leader in school sign manufacturing over the last six decades or so, and below, we look at three prime reasons why you should consider using Zumar for your next school sign purchase: