What Are MUTCD Pavement Markings?

24. 6. 16 Posted by admin
MUTCD Pavement markings convey to road users which part of the road to use, the condition of the road ahead, and indicate where passing is allowed and where it is prohibited.

Traffic Delineators

21. 6. 16 Posted by admin
The use of traffic delineators is meant to ‘delineate’ or direct its flow into desired lanes or sections.

School Crossing Zones You Should Not Do Without

15. 6. 16 Posted by admin
Like all other traffic signs, school crossing signs are crucial in giving information, warnings and directions regarding traffic within and around the school. These signs usually come in different symbols, dimensions, colors and shapes to ensure that they are easily identified by those involved.

The Benefits of Using a Custom Sign Post for Your Business

15. 6. 16 Posted by admin
The use of a sign post to communicate a message to a specific group of people,  or even the general public,  is something that has been in use since the time of ancient Egyptians and Romans. Signs are usually placed on the roads and streets, as well as on the outside and inside of buildings. They are meant to give information and direction as well as  identifying facilities, functional spaces, key areas, and services. Statutory signs are required to follow certain rules regarding pictograms and sign shapes.  With custom signs you can choose your own color combinations, shapes, borders and the material to be used.